Proof of concept
Individual product concepts are evaluated for feasibility.
The product is rolled out to the marketplace.
Project Integration
The product is fully integrated into the production process and begins running at scale to be prepared for roll-out.
Proof of
manufacturing at scale
The product is produced at a small scale to determine viability.
Customers are exposed to the product in market for validation and feedback.
A model of the product is further developed and tested.

The 3D Packaging & Design Process: Devise, Develop & Deliver

At Studio PKG, each customer’s product is assigned a team composed of engineers, designers, project managers, and customer service representatives. These teams work with our customers to help the project reach full commercialization through testing, qualifying, and initial production certifications. We strive to make all of our customer relationships stand up to our Always Made Right® commitment.

Our Capabilities

We are staffed with professional scientists, designers, engineers, and technicians who are experts in solving packaging challenges. Our state-of-the-art laboratory performs hundreds of on-site analytical and performance tests with cutting edge equipment to ensure our customers’ bottles are Always Made Right®. Our lab also leads valuable scientific studies for R&D projects, quality validations, forensic inquiries, and is capable of performing tests that follow ASTM and other international standards.

Measures the features of a bottle, such as key dimensions, weight, overflow capacity.

Determine limits of filing conditions, specifically if a bottle will distort when filled with very hot liquids.

Characterizes the thickness and distribution of materials in a molded article.

Confirms the thickness of each layer in a multi-layer bottle.

Measures viability of packages when struck with high forces or dropped from specified heights.

Measures how much force a bottle can withstand before it buckles.

Determines the exact color using industry standards. Characterize and compare reflected and transmitted appearance of package surfaces, including CIE.

Measures the ease of flow of heated plastic during the extrusion process.

Determines long term durability and function of packages by exposing them to short term environmental extremes in controlled hot chambers.

Measures the features of a bottle, such as key dimensions, weight, overflow capacity.

Predicts the ability of the bottle to properly contain sensitive products, such as foods, beverages or

Determines the exact type of plastic or contamination found in a bottle.

Studio PKG Case Studies

Examples of fully commercialized bottles that were designed and developed by Studio PKG with the direction of our customers and consumer feedback.