Power Service®
Power Service offers a best-in-class family of diesel additives. The Power Service team challenged Studio PKG to improve the brand look and consumer ease-of-use for their diesel additive family. The results were award-winning; resulting in AAPEX awards for both innovation and the environmental impact their improved packaging solutions provided.
The Objective – Optimize Product Performance
Power Service wanted to improve the brand look, performance, and ease-of-use of their product line. A major concern they wanted to address was spillage, a common issue when using conventional packaging with capless gas tanks.
Our Approach – Identify Consumer’s Needs
Following market research and robust product testing, Studio PKG identified an opportunity for improved performance and developed a dual handle system for the 128oz. product which significantly improved the customer pouring experience. The team also developed a new, 12oz. long-neck product designed to work with capless gas tanks; eliminating the need for funnels.

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