Customer Centric Approach

Altium Packaging is the leading customer-centric packaging solution provider that helps you build your business and elevate your brand.

Our partners are forward-thinking business leaders focused on creating value for their customers, company, and consumers. The goal of every partnership is to deliver value and business success. That’s why we collaborate closely with our customers and bring our unmatched packaging expertise and an innovative approach to every challenge.

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Our Network in the U.S. and Canada

We back our customer-centric promise with a network of over 60 plants in the U.S. and Canada. While 60 is a considerable number, it represents much more than just a statistic. It speaks to our ability to ensure continuity of supply by enabling us to be in close proximity to our customers.

We take a realistic approach when looking at the supply of our customers’ packaging and understand how important it is to be able to provide an alternative solution when things don’t go as planned.

Always made right

Our Always Made Right® Three-point Commitment

  • Make things right the first time – but if something goes wrong, do what it takes to make that right as well.
  • Empower every employee – to speak up and take immediate action if something isn’t right.
  • Make the necessary investment – in people, plants, and technologies to ensure everything is Always Made Right®.

No matter what the standards may be in our industry, these are our standards. And they’re non-negotiable. We seek to stand by them in everything we say and do.

Our Passion for Innovation

We continuously challenge ourselves to create packaging that revolutionizes the industry. Our state-of-the-art design center, Studio PKG, is a space in which customers collaborate with our designers in order to create unique packaging solutions. This involves everything from idea into experiencing the final packaging design from a consumer’s point of view.

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Our History and Where We are Today

Our History and Where We are Today

Our company history can be traced back over 100 years. Since then, we have become leaders in sustainability by being one of the first in the world to provide bottles made of 100% post-consumer resin (excluding colorant) and have transformed into a company that produces over four billion rigid plastic containers annually.

With the investment of Loews Corporation in 2017, we continue to develop and add to our capabilities, improve our services, pioneer packaging solutions, and evolve to become not just a manufacturer but a solutions provider for our customers. Backed by our 2,500 employees, we are excited to be taking on the challenge of a rapidly growing and an ever-changing packaging industry.

Why Altium

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