Dairy Packaging & Design

It’s clear to see that reliable containers are essential for efficiently transporting drinking water and making brands stand out.

Packaging for the products you love waking up to every day.

We understand the dairy industry and what consumers are looking for. That’s why both large dairy corporations as well as smaller regional and family dairies rely on Altium Packaging to help grow their business and elevate their brands with the right packaging.

With best in class packaging options, we provide tried-and-true designs as well as innovative custom solutions for milk, yogurt, drinkable yogurt, smoothies, and other dairy and dairy alternative products. With a company history that can be traced back over 100 years, Altium Packaging has established manufacturing processes that are consistent, reliable, and efficient. Customers can rest easy knowing we meet FDA requirements.

Almost half of our 60 facilities are equipped to make high-quality bottles for America’s dairy processors and their dairy farmers.

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Dairy Specifications

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