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Who We Are

We’re the people behind the packaging North America relies on every day. From the beverages that fill our fridges to the environmentally-friendly cleaners under our sinks, we collaborate with our customers to design containers that reflect our commitment to innovation, sustainability and taking their brand to the next level.

Altium Packaging is where entrepreneurs come to work, and we model our Guiding Principles at every turn: integrity, humility, a strong work ethic, and treating others with respect. Every day we are encouraged to grow, learn, and make an impact while keeping our plants safe and our attitudes humble.

Imagine working with people who take pride in everything they do and carrying on a tradition of innovation that’s led to hundreds of packaging patents. We are a growing company, poised for lasting success. Join our team!

If you are an individual with a disability and require a reasonable accommodation to complete any part of the application process, you may contact 888-503-6210 or for assistance.


Guiding Principles


At Altium Packaging, we have created a culture intended to help us build sustainable long-term value. Our seven Guiding Principles are designed to be both an articulation of the key characteristics of our culture and an operating philosophy that inspires the way we conduct our business.

We constantly strive to keep our Guiding Principles at the forefront of our mind with every conversation we have and every action we take. Our employees can attest to this. If these principles resonate with you – then apply today, you will fit right in!


We conduct ourselves with integrity and fully comply with all laws, regulations and company policies all the time.

Pursue safety excellence, because we cannot create value unless we first value human life. Create long-term value for our customers, the company and society. Deliver superior results through effective, efficient decision making, and execution.  Drive continuous improvement and innovation, while eliminating waste and striving for environmental excellence.

Always think and act like owners of the company. Use good judgment, critical and economic thinking and initiative to achieve the full potential of our business. Embrace change, take action when you see opportunities to improve the company, and develop measures that lead to profitable action.

We need to understand our customers and what they value better than our competition. We also need to develop knowledge of our customers’ business and relationships that enables us to anticipate and profitably serve their needs.

Lead through humility and intellectual honesty. Seek and apply the best knowledge. Understand and deal with reality to drive the best outcome for the company and for your personal improvement. Challenge the status quo. Hold yourself and others accountable.

Treat others with honesty, dignity and respect. Understand and recognize the value of diversity, appreciate each individual’s contributions and work together as a single team – the Altium Packaging team.

Contribute to an environment where everyone is encouraged to fully develop their capabilities so they can maximize their potential and create the greatest value.

Where People, Community, and Planet Matter

Every day we are encouraged to grow, learn, and make an impact while keeping our plants safe, our environment healthy, and our community thriving through social outreach.

Woman donates bag of fruit to food bank

We are committed to creating value for society through meaningful relationships with our customers, our team members, and the communities we serve. We believe that being a good corporate citizen means emphasizing volunteerism, helping local communities, generating career opportunities, and protecting the environment. Our social responsibility is driven by our internal culture, which is rooted in our Guiding Principles.

We foster a supportive environment that turns jobs into careers.
Meet our people and hear what they have to say about working at Altium Packaging.

I have enjoyed being with Altium Packaging for about 2 years and particularly appreciate the company’s priorities, insights, and culture. I am currently part of a team supporting the beverage group at our Sherman location, which is the third company plant I have been a part of. I began in Lenexa, working there for about 4 months before transferring to the Jefferson Ave, W Memphis plant. At all these locations, I have seen that Altium Packaging is a company that operates with a positive attitude and genuine care for their customers and employees. They employ the best resources for us to tackle each challenge, and continually look ahead to upcoming needs, all while maintaining a corporate culture that demonstrates high ethics and values.

I’ve had the best experience working for Altium Packaging. The leadership is passionate about instilling our Guiding Principles across all levels of our organization, and I see this culture come to life in my daily interactions with colleagues. Altium Packaging gives me the flexibility to prioritize my initiatives based on how I can provide the best value to the company, and I consistently feel valued and appreciated. When I have ideas or concerns about projects, my managers take measures to listen and act on my feedback. As an individual contributor, I’m able to distinguish myself by providing my unique expertise while also being part of a team effort. Altium Packaging is an exceptional company to work for, and I’m honored to be a member of the Always Made Right culture.

I started my career with Altium Packaging at the Fulton location as a Machine Operator and have recently been promoted. The process has included a great training program to prepare me for my new role as supervisor. Altium Packaging is a great place to work, and I’m grateful to my colleagues for helping me realize my potential. I see a bright future here with Altium Packaging team and I’m eager to learn more and help the company be the best at what we do.

Altium Packaging has consistently given me the resources and information needed to advance my career and increase the value of my contributions. I’m a part of the team that supports the South East Region in the Consumer Industrial packaging group and have been very happy with the right mix of talent, leadership, and structure, which enables us to succeed. Altium Packaging operates under the framework of our Guiding Principles, which has shown me that doing the right things for myself, my family, my team, and society as a whole not only expected, but rewarded. I enjoy being part of a culture that demonstrates high ethics and values and a company that genuinely cares about the wellbeing of everyone who works here.

I started at Altium Packaging as a temporary Corporate Receptionist/HR Assistant. From day one, I was impressed with the culture of the organization and the friendliness of everyone I worked with. Altium Packaging struck me as a great place to grow personally and advance my career. It wasn’t long before I became a permanent employee, and now, a year and a half later, I’m proud to represent Altium Packaging as a Benefits Analyst in Human Resources. The is an organization that recognizes hard work and dedication, which continues to open many doors for growth.

Top 5 Reasons to work for Altium Packaging

  • We live our Guiding Principles
  • Everyone can make a difference
  • Our people
  • We create packaging that helps people and companies
  • We’re a growing company, poised for success

Total Rewards at Altium Packaging—Always Made Right®

Total Rewards goes beyond just pay & benefits. Joining the Altium Packaging team comes with a variety of sought-after programs available to all employees, adding value to your career with us. We are a place where entrepreneurs come to work.

We are a growing company, poised for lasting success. Join our team!

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