At Altium Packaging, we have dedicated team of corporate development professionals who are continuously seeking and evaluating opportunities that help build our asset base, our capabilities and our geographic footprint within North America to better serve our customers. Please contact our corporate development team at if interested in discussing any potential acquisitions opportunities or other strategic partnerships with Altium Packaging.

Customer Centric Approach

Case Study

SFB Plastics Corp. (“SFB”) was a family-owned rigid and thermoforming plastics packaging manufacturer in Wichita, Kansas established in 1970. Over the years SFB had developed an exceptional reputation for quality and customer service. Given pending retirement and lack of succession, the family was interested in exiting the business and wanted to find a good steward going forward for the business they had built. Having seen the prior acquisitions completed by Altium, SFB ownership reached out to Altium to discuss their situation. Altium was able to quickly assess and close on the opportunity given its knowledge of SFB’s strong reputation in the marketplace, robust industry knowledge, and ability to dedicate resources to the project.

Why Altium

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