Liquid Manufacturing Solutions – Joy®
Joy has been a household name in dishwashing liquid detergent since 1949. Liquid Manufacturing Solutions approached Studio PKG with minor adjustments planned across three sizes. Recognizing brand disconnects, the Studio PKG team encouraged LMS to revamp the bottles’ visual language to align with the Joy Brand. The outcome is a cohesive line of bottles, preserving a unified family appearance and effectively conveying the joyful essence of the product’s branding.
The Objective – Refresh the Look
Liquid Manufacturing Solutions originally tasked Studio PKG with enhancing the current 90oz design for seamless integration with existing manufacturing equipment. Once a refreshed look to evoke “Joy” had been developed on the 90oz, the Studio PKG team incorporated the new design language into their 11oz and 12oz products to create a cohesive line of bottles.
Concept sketches for Joy dish soap custom packaging
Our Approach – Establishing a Signature
The Studio PKG and LMS teams aligned on a design objective to convey the essence of “Joy” through the form and elements of the bottle design. Through multiple rounds of concept ideation, the essence of “Joy” was evoked by establishing a whimsical appearance and incorporating their playful citrus character lines throughout the designs. Once the design was completed, Studio PKG validated the new design’s seamless integration through LMS’s filling equipment via 3D Prototyping.

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