Trusource offers a variety of protein products designed to meet athlete’s individual needs. Trusource collaborated with Studio PKG to create a custom square container for their premium supplements, a bold departure from the industry-standard round tubs. The result was innovative packaging optimized for customer comfort and shipping performance which delivered significant cost-savings.
Custom nutrition canister for Trusource protein powder
The Objective – Optimize Product Performance
Trusource originally came to Studio PKG just seeking to optimize their products for shipping. Through empathetic user-testing the Studio PKG team uncovered a consumer need for improved ergonomics, expanding the project scope.
Eight 3D models of various concept designs for a nutrition container.
Our Approach – Identify Consumers Needs
By conducting user-testing and understanding consumer needs, Studio PKG’s designers and engineers crafted an improved grip that is more inclusive for a range of hand sizes. The team was able to develop a packaging solution that both optimized shipping and enhanced the premium perception of the product.

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