HP Hood – Planet Oat®
For over 175 years, HP Hood has been synonymous with fresh, quality dairy products that taste great. HP Hood approached Studio PKG to optimize their existing design for increased brand visibility and an improved consumer experience. The result was eye catching packaging that not only improved ergonomics but also elevated the consumers’ perception of HP Hood’s Planet Oat brand.
The Objective – Optimize Retail Presence
A long-standing customer of Studio PKG’s design and development services, HP Hood presented the challenge to optimize their 86 oz. Planet Oat packaging for retail environments and island display coolers. The Studio PKG team also identified a consumer need for improved ergonomics, expanding the project scope.
Our Approach – Catered to Consumers
Studio PKG delivered a solution that notably enhanced the shelf presence of Planet Oat’s packaging. The revitalized design features an embossed logo, easily seen from top-down island display coolers, that eliminated the need for an additional sticker. Studio PKG’s designers and engineers also crafted an improved grip, catered to a diverse range of hand sizes.

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