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Dura-Lite® for Dairy, Water, and Beverage

What the Dura-Lite® Design Means to You

DL Half Gallon Side View with Cap

Our standard height and footprint fits most existing dairy and water fill lines without the need for expensive modifications.

That means low to no extra resources needed to implement the switch.

Dura-Lite® sustainably reduces resin usage by 5-20%*. A lighter bottle equates to a lighter touch on your wallet and the environment.

Not only does our design provide a sustainability story, it saves you money while doing so.

Improved strength and performance makes for fewer problems within the supply chain.

Fewer problems results in a lower total cost for you.

Thoughtfully designed grooves ensure robust top load strength. Because of this, Dura-Lite® consistently survives over 2.5 foot drop tests without breakage.

Now there’s less spilled milk to cry over.

* Actual savings will depend on starting gram weight of the customer container.

Less Resin with the Same or Improved Performance

Filled Top Load Test Results
Pound-force 62 Gram Standard 62 Gram Dura-Lite ® 0 10 20 30 40 24 40

An approximate 70% increase of top load strength with the same gram weight

Drop Test Results

An approximate 10% increase of drop test height with 6 grams less weight

Feet 62 Gram Standard 56 Gram Dura-Lite ® 0 0.75 1.5 2.25 3 2.49 2.8

How Dura-Lite® Changes the Conversation

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Enter Bottle Volume
Pounds Saved 000,000

pounds of virgin plastic equates to approximately


kWh less energy*


pounds less CO2 produced**

Now in Terms Everyone Can Understand…

This savings in pounds of virgin plastic is equivalent to


Powering an average U.S. house for approximately



Planting approximately


trees that absorb
CO2 for a year**

Consumers Are Talking!

Ready to Get Down to the Nitty-gritty?

Here are some bottle specs.


Scaled label wireframes
Dura-Lite Water Gallon
Dura-Lite Gallon Tea
Dura-Lite Gallon Orange Juice
Fill Level (oz) 128
Material HDPE
Recommended Label Size (in) 3.17 x 4.47


PP Tea
PP Orange Juice
Fill Level (oz) 128
Material PP
Recommended Label Size (in) 3.17 x 4.47

Half Gallon

Scaled label wireframes half gallon
DL Half Gallon Tea
DL Half Gallon Orange Juice
Fill Level (oz) 64
Material HDPE
Recommended Label Size (in) 2.80 x 5.58


DL Quart
DL Quart Tea
DL Quart Orange Juice
Fill Level (oz) 32
Material HDPE
Recommended Label Size (in) 2.25 x 4.19

Need Just One More Reason to Call Us Up?

When you switch over to the Dura-Lite® bottle for the dairy, water, and beverage industries, you won't be alone. Your containers will join the other

300+ million

units a year being sold to and through some of the largest retailers in the country.

Packaging Solutions Always Made Right® With a diverse stock bottle portfolio and an innovative design team working to produce creative packaging solutions, we can help you find the perfect solution.