About Our Freezer Spacers

Our freezer spacers are made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality, 100% recyclable materials. The Standard Egg Crate design and the heavy duty Maxi design both provide efficient airflow and meet FDA regulations for food packaging applications. They maintain tight nestability to minimize storage requirements, are easily sanitized, and maintenance free.

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Standard 40” X 48” Egg Crate Design

The Standard Egg Crate design spacer provides a six-way vertical/horizontal air flow and with its excellent cold conductivity can reduce the average freezing time by up to 17% when compared to wood. Additionally, our spacers drastically reduce footprint. While a 6-foot high space can only accommodate 25 wood spacers or 36 aluminum spacers it can hold 500 Standard design spacers.

Specs Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty
Weight Appx. 3 lbs. Appx. 4 lbs. Appx. 5 lbs.
Capacity 1800 lbs. 1800 lbs. 3000 lbs.
Height 1.25″ 1.25″ 1.25″

Maxi 40” X 48” Design

The Maxi design provides 3 times more airflow than our Standard design, resulting in an average freezing time reduction of up to 25% when compared to the standard design. The quick freezing times are a byproduct of the extra 1” of height allowing the extra air flow. A 6-foot high area can accommodate 200 Maxi spacers. The normal size of this design is 40” x 48”.

Specs Heavy Duty
Weight Appx. 7 lbs.
Capacity 3600 lbs.
Height 2.25″

Optional Customization / Enhancements

The CureSlip Option

CureSlip is an optional treatment on our freezer spacers designed to minimize box slippage during pallet transport. Treated freezer spacers maintain their space-saving nestability and their smooth surface that minimizes the accumulation of bacteria and other contaminants. Request CureSlip when you order. It’s available for all Altium freezer spacers.

Color Identification

Color striping is a sure, economical way to identify and track freezer spacers. For example, striping can be used to verify ownership and to differentiate between stock held by various customers; it also allows for the tracking of spacers used with specific products so as to avoid cross-contamination that could occur between poultry and beef products.

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