A Sustainably-based HDPE Resin

This bio-based HDPE nutritional product family offers a sustainable alternative to traditional HDPE resins.

Bio-based PE is plastic made from ethanol – a renewable and sustainable resource produced from Brazilian sugarcane. Cultivation of sugarcane utilizes CO2 and releases O2, which means the material has a negative carbon footprint.

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  • Approved for AHC HDPE pill packers and closures
  • Bio-based HDPE
  • Approved for food contact applications
  • FDA Compliant

Key Benefits:

  • Full family of solutions to meet brand needs for sustainably sourced resin
    • Pill packers sizes ranging from 45cc to 1500cc
    • Matching caps and closures
  • Sustainable solution
    • Plant/bio-based resin
    • Recyclable
    • Sustainably sourced sugarcane into a 100% recyclable bio-based material.
  • Common neck finish for easy sourcing

Pill Bottle Round Series HDPE
Product Specifications

Materials: HDPE
Shape: Round Pill
Market: Nutraceutical

Volume Neck Color
45 cc 33 mm White
50 cc 33 mm White
60 cc 33 mm White
60 cc 33 mm White
75 cc 33 mm White
90 cc 38 mm White
100 cc 38 mm White
120 cc 38 mm White
150 cc 38 mm White
150 cc 45 mm White
175 cc 38 mm White
200 cc 38 mm White
250 cc 38 mm White
300 cc 45 mm White
400 cc 45 mm White
500 cc 45 mm White
500 cc 53 mm White
625 cc 45 mm White
625 cc 53 mm White
750 cc 45 mm, 53 mm White
950 cc 53 mm White
1500 cc 53 mm White

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