It’s Good To Know The Shelf-Rite Gallon

Introducing the Shelf-Rite Gallon

In the dairy and beverage world, shelf space is everything – and packaging, without question, plays a huge part in that. Simply put, more inventory on the shelf means that you can sell more product, make room for higher ticket items, and improve efficiencies through fewer stockouts, saving time and labor costs. And in the never-ending quest for packaging supremacy, our efforts at Altium have led us to yet another game-changer.

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What exactly will the Shelf-Rite Gallon do for your product?

  • Fits 5 gallons across, instead of 4 in the same conventional shelf width – 25% more!
  • More bottles in the same footprint increases the available shelf space for new, or higher value skus
  • Reduces stockouts and creates labor savings of 15-20 cents/case
  • Center fill design and rectangular footprint
  • Large handle for easier lifting and pouring
  • Available in up to 100% post consumer resin

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