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Save with the Dura-Lite® Industrial Round Gallon

This innovative solution for automotive, household chemical, specialty chemical, beverage, and the food & cooking oil industries helps you save resin while still maintaining outstanding performance.
Read here how one of our customers has implemented this sustainable solution to bring even more value to their customers.

See the Savings at Work with Our Sustainability Calculator

Enter a starting weight and volume to see the impact using Dura-Lite IRG makes.
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Enter Starting Weight
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Dura-Lite® Weight 00 g
Enter Bottle Volume
Pounds Saved 000,000

pounds of virgin plastic equates to approximately


kWh less energy*


pounds less CO2 produced**

Now in Terms Everyone Can Understand…

This savings in pounds of virgin plastic is equivalent to


Powering an average U.S. house for approximately



Planting approximately


trees that absorb
CO2 for a year

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